Shepherd’s Rest

We recognize that Pastors are at the helm of ministry in the local church. They provide leadership, vision, teaching, support and counseling to the body of Christ. They equip the saints for the work of ministry. Consequently, they often bear a heavy burden. Everyone relies on them for guidance, strength and support. They are under constant pressure to perform and be successful according to the standards of the world. Meanwhile, these same Pastors and their families live in a fish bowl of social and spiritual expectations which can seem overwhelming. Sometimes they can get so caught up in "doing" ministry and caring for others that they can neglect themselves and their primary relationships with God and their spouses.


Welcome to a place of rest and reflection

The primary ministry of Shepherd’s Rest is to provide an environment where Pastors, Missionaries and their spouses can break away from their normal daily routine and retreat to a quiet setting free from the distractions of ministry.  

A Ministry of 
Intentional Disciple Ministries